The humans are introducing a new sport in Cubeland! Melonfare! Since lots of Watermelons grow on the island and most are uneaten why not USE THEM! There are two teams in the game and each team has a certain troop for a certain need. Here are the list of troops:

Boss: Has a Melonzooka and calls the shots.

Normal Infantry: They have a Melon Gun and just fight.

Scout: The scout must be fast because he must run behind enemy lines and report the positions of the enemy troops. He has NO weapon and the only way to get rid of him is to TAG him. Otherwise too bad you lose.

Sniper: He can hide anywere and is very useful to the team.

Melon Giver: You can not get rid of this troop! Each team has ONE Melon giver. The Melon Giver supplies the melons to the team which makes them VERY useful. To tell that you are reloading say "RM" or "Reloading!". Once you do that you can not be destroyed. It is a foul if you hide near the Melon giver or spend 2 minutes at the Melon Giver Station. You will not have a melon giver if you are playing the "Limted Ammo" gamemode.

Game Types:

Limted Ammo: No Melon givers! You have limted Melons making the game very hard.

Capture the Flag: Each team has a Melon Giver and a flag, capture the flag and return it to YOUR base and you win.

Charger: All teams must charge shooting eacother and what not. In this game, it is a foul if you don't charge.

Leader Protection: No boss! No Melonzooka! Each team has a leader that replaces the boss. The leader can not fight only lead the troops. You must destroy the enemy leader before they destroy yours! Only 4 people can protect boss or else foul.

Normal: Nothing new. Normal fouls. Normal Rules. NORMAL MAYHAM.

All players MUST wear helmets and face protection, along with body armor and other protection stuff.