For years, Humans thought there was nothing in the Cube Ocean until 300 years ago. But the humans left it alone. But today, a historic thing happened. That land crashed right into Cubeland! It fit just right. But reports of flying animals have been plaguing the land. So a couple of people took a look. In just 2 hours they found the new land was populated by Unicorns! Humans use them as pets. You can fly on them and they can travel to different places. Just whisper in the unicorn's ear where you want to go and it will remember it in it's brain. Then, when you are ready to go say 'Go" and it will fly off the ground and will fly to the place! All you have to do is hold on! But it must be fed and it must drink. You must feed it Rainbow Cupcakes and you must give it Pink Lemonade to drink. Natural Rainbow Cupcakes and Pink Lemonade are found in the new land that crashed into Cubeland. But now people sell pink lemonade and rainbow cupcakes! But all since the new land crashed into Cubeland weird things have been happening. It now rains pink lemonade and there is also cupcakes storms were cupcakes fall from the skies! And Unicorns can get angry. If they are hungry and you eat a rainbow cupcake they will make a noise. If you destroy a rainbow cupcake randomly they get angry! Humans are also thinking maybe we can train them to fly over a game of Melonfare and attack from the sky. Unicorns have changed Cubeland. Companion cubes and Smileys love Unicorns!