The humans declared war on Aperture science and so far humans are winning! Armed with AKs the humans plan to leave the world and go to a new planet they found 4 days ago though the will leave some humans at Fuzzland. Aperture Science buildings have been destroyed and turrets and goo have been placed everywhere to stop the humans rapid advance. Aperture Science has one huge building that they are protecting with EVERYTHING they have. The humans are building tanks and cannons and building a vast army to destroy the Aperture army. OMG!!! I just heard a cannon!!! The Aperture and Humans are charging at full speed at eachother with tanks leading the way! The fire and death toll are going up and WOW! WOW! The humans just killed all of the Aperture Army with a HUGE Cannon attack! Millions of Aperture troops and equipment were destroyed! Humans win! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Aperture science is going to go back to thier normal world. 456 Boys will be on Fuzzland with 999 girls too! But there is something odd happening too. Normal and Animal dices are back! The new world is called "Cubeland" and it is full of peace! Humans have companion cubes instead of dogs or cats! Companion cubes are man's second best friend!